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The Prescience Blog is a reflection of our thinking in terms of the world around us. As data scientists, we have an inherent bias towards analysing data-points even for the most mundane or the most complex problems and conditions that we come across in our daily lives. Hope you enjoy reading these.

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Making Conversational Interfaces More Human

We, at Prescience, are thinking ahead and creating a conversational interface product. We, as a company, believe humans deserve better. Keeping ourselves abreast of latest innovations and incorporating them into our products is what we excel at. This translates to our products, with us crafting products that help organizations.


A Rapid Primer for Conversational Interfaces

At Prescience, we help you in implementing Artificial Intelligence into the mix of conversation chatbots through the use of data analytics results that work towards strengthening our contextual interfaces to help you better serve your customers.

Prescience blog on comparing R and Python

R or Python – Can the debate be settled?

A statistician by heart might probably swear by R – it was created for them – but there always are those outliers who would not leave Python’s side, irrespective of their statistical beliefs. The same stands for those who have tamed Python and would probably work on R under duress.

Prescience Blog on Entrepreneurship Success by Shivakumar

Executing the Business Backward Approach

Our business-backward approach to analytics and data science quite literally, means looking at the business problem in totality without worrying about what it takes to solve it or what capabilities we, as a team, have or what we want to achieve.

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And the Journey Continues

Three years ago, we started Prescience Decision Solutions – we formally got incorporated on March 29th, 2017. We had planned to celebrate the big day with all our employees, customers and all our friends and well-wishers but the current lockdown caused due to COVID-19 has paid put to our plans. Hope things get back to normal soon!