Prescience Decision Solutions

Building the car that our Data Scientists drive. We tune the engines and create a powerful robust machine. 

Data science is one of the defining factors that will make or break a company in the age of insight and AI. However, without the underlying data ecosystem and infrastructure, data science is a mute point.At Prescience our data engineering competency is the bridge between data science and software development. Our data engineers support your advanced analytics initiatives in data discovery, harvesting, and preparation and assist in operationalizing analytical models and machine learning algorithms at scale, and managing data pipelines for production deployment.

WE ARE DATA WRANGLERS – Cleaning and wrangling your data into usable state 

Our breadth of knowledge ranges from relational databases to NoSQL, from batch ETL to data stream processing, and from traditional data warehousing to data lakes. Our depth of skills includes hands-on working with Hadoop, programming in Java or Python, and data modelling from star schema to document stores and graph databases

Data engineering problems we solve

One-time unification of multiple input sources into a target source.

A repeatable flow of the unified data from multiple sources.

Build modern data ingestion platforms using data lakes and data warehouses

Data quality and governance