Prescience Decision Solutions

Customer Engagement is 25% greater with companies that demonstrate analytics prowess. With our unique mix of ‘business backwards’ consulting, advanced analytics know-how and thoughtful design that maps your customers journey and needs we empower you to succeed by putting your Customers first.

“To get customers, you need to go from the heart to the brain to the wallet.”

We approach Customer Data Science always through the lens of deeply understanding your business and your customers and how they experience your products and services across their journey of engagement with you. We utilize this understanding to cut to the chase and provide you with those necessary insights that help you foster a strong customer connect, promote loyalty and deliver an exceptional experience with your brand.

The results : competitive advantage, increased revenue and profitability.

Our solution space as mapped to your customer's journey

Irrespective of your domain we can help answer key questions to drive engagement rates and grow customer value. Here are some examples..


Which of my SKUs are selling well in which retail formats ? Which SKUs do we swap in and out to best meet our Customer preferences ?

Which marketing vehicles will allow us to reach the most customers?


How do I know which customers should receive what? How can I leverage customer feedback & product reviews?

How can I optimize multi-channel personalisation? How do I make the most out of advertising?


How do the social, legal, and economic factors and behaviors of my Customers affect insurance loss ?

Which combination of corporate behaviors in health and safety management is predictive of lower worker-compensation claims?