Prescience Decision Solutions

Whether you are looking at paring down your costs or growing your revenues ,  our profitability analytics solutions can provide the insights for driving that agenda forward.

Who is eating your lunch ?

Our approach is to help you crunch your numbers at unimaginable speed and discover opportunities for breakthrough business performance by leveraging seismic shifts in data science. We can help you: 

Explore your costs vs. revenues to the most granular levels across your ecosystem; Exploit technology for new revenue opportunities and cost savings and; Embed the capability you need to create impact at enterprise scale.

The Prescience Business Profitability Analytics Framework

With our modular framework of methodologies, tools and cutting-edge data science, we can help you process, understand, model and act upon all the drivers influencing your profitability. A solution ideal to assess, break down and optimize company profitability down to vendors and/or products, categories

  • Profitability view by building blocks. We create P&L at not-so-common views thus helping retailers manage the influences of overall profitability
  • Pricing intelligence and pricing strategy based on customer behavior rather than reference to market dynamics
  • Trade promotion optimization with predictive capabilities to enhance decision making
  • Identify growth and profitability opportunities from product portfolio, pricing, and promotion strategies