Prescience Decision Solutions

Process improvement programs are like teaching organizations how to fish. Our business operations analytics and the insights they deliver teach you WHERE to fish.

“Successful organizations ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers”

Whether you want to forecast demand better or optimize your supply chain and logistics or ensure quality in production, ‘new-age’ operational analytics can make your organization more productive and smarter.

Our approach to achieve this potential rests on a few key principles: We integrate your data across your business functions to achieve a single view of operations data; We place emphasis on collecting and utilizing unstructured and external data to improve the quality of data and enhance insights; and build and deploy self-learning, predictive and prescriptive systems powered by AI that can help you approach business operations in unthought-of ways

Our AI powered business operations solutions drive growth through analytical foresight and induce fact-based decision-making

Irrespective of your domain we can help you solve problems and reap the benefits of operational analytics like reduced downtime, improved productivity, better capacity utilization and higher flexibility. Here are some examples..

  • Category operations optimization
  • Retail store operations
  • Smart inventory management
  • Product demand forecasting
  • Procurement and inventory management
Risk, compliance and fraud detection