Prescience Decision Solutions

Combining our software power and human intelligence to help you become more prescient.

PRESCIENCE (ˈprɛsɪəns) noun – the fact of knowing something in advance; foreknowledge, far-sightedness.

Who we are

Prescience is a fast growing, focused Advanced Analytics company that helps enterprises become more PRESCIENT (predictive) by gaining meaningful business insights and develop optimized solutions through careful analyses of data. We are a highly productive and vibrant organization of data scientists, engineers and business consultants and are the trusted partner for large global customers in eCommerce, Retail and Finance Services.


We leverage our deep expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics techniques, latest engineering practices, data visualization and the business knowledge of our customers to create tangible data driven solutions.Our significant experience in unstructured data processing – images, videos and text using NLP and deep learning techniques has helped our customers solve some unique business challenges and create business value through data.

Areas where we can help

Customer Engagement

Transform your customer data into insights that optimize customer decisions and design customer-focused programs and initiatives

Business Profitability

Provide insights that reveal the costs and profits of your business in detail which in turn enables making better decisions for the future

Business Operations

Generate insights from your business process data to create improvements, increase efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance profits

Advanced Analytics CoE

Build a cross organizational group to successfully scale AI and ML and make a decisive impact and foster innovation

Our Trade Craft - The Prescience Advanced Analytics Solution Space

Vida for Retail
Innovation and Insights with AI

Vida for Retail is our AI-powered solution that helps you wrangle, harmonize, model and visualize your retail operations data better. Talk to us and get a live demo of our solution
Check out our work

Advanced Analytics CoE

Setup of an advanced analytics innovation center for a multinational e-commerce giant

Data Advisory Services

Data Governance & Quality that includes ML based cleansing for a global CPG Major

Sales Channel Analytics

Sales Channel Analytics for a large B2B equipment manufacturer

We are Prescience !

A community of curious and imaginative individuals whose purpose is to deliver simplified, contextual insights and recommendations that are fundamental to the success of every Data Science project. Our approach to problem solving is most effective when done by a cohesive group that has a diversity of perspectives and experiences.

We embrace difference in a vibrant and youthful atmosphere, celebrate our successes as a team and smile —a lot!